Take the Teen Smartphone Challenge for Your Business

+153 Tweet30 Share3 Pin1 Share0TOTAL SHARES 87 Internet Marketing is a more complicated art and science than it has ever been before, and one question that troubles many business owners is this: “How do I really know what I need to do for my business to keep up with internet marketing, and how do I know if what I’m doing is working?” The technology changes

The Language of Search and Social – Schema and Open Graph

For websites, speaking the language of the web means speaking the language of Search Engines and Social Networks, and that language has evolved in recent years through Semantics, or “meanings”. Google and Facebook don’t just index links: they try to understand them.

Humans learn through experience, but Search Engines are a bit dumb: they need …

Does it really matter where you host your website?

+112 Tweet6 Share0 Pin0 Share2TOTAL SHARES 20 I hated writing this letter … but, I had to. My client was having troubles with speed on her website, so she asked Wiser Sites to go in and take a look. I tried to break the news gently, but how do you tell someone the neighborhood she’s living in is downright scary? Here’s what I wrote (personal

Which is the Best Comment System for your Blog – Mark Traphagen

+129 Tweet62 Share9 Pin3 Share1TOTAL SHARES 104 Podcast: Play in new window | Download We did something completely different on this episode of Get on Track, Stay on Track. Instead of a single expert, I invited THREE esteemed and experienced digital marketing professionals, each with their unique area of expertise. > Mark Traphagen is the Senior Director of Online Marketing for Stone Temple Consulting, and

Marketing Isn’t Everything – The One-Word Secret to Success

+11 Tweet82 Share5 Pin199 Share0TOTAL SHARES 287 Zara Altair’s Midweek Zap invited Jason Wiser, our On Track Tips host and owner of Wiser Sites, to talk about marketing strategy. With Zara’s audience involved to the hilt, the show was plenty of fun and absolutely LITTERED with pithy Wiserisms. Here’s a fire hose perspective on how the discussion progressed: How important is it to have a marketing strategy? The

Pin all the Things – Pinterest Marketing with Cynthia Sanchez

+122 Tweet48 Share5 Pin1 Share1TOTAL SHARES 77 Podcast: Play in new window | Download This week’s On Track Tips HOA (Hangouts On Air) guest is Cynthia Sanchez, from Oh So Pinteresting. Here’s our discussion about how a small business can profit from Pinterest. Should I Use Pinterest Marketing? On Track Tips: I want to start by addressing the critics because there are some who are

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