How to Launch a Podcast? Throw a Launch Party!

Denise Wakeman is famous for her Adventures in Visibility show and when she caught wind of my podcast launch party, she hit me up for an interview. She was very interested to hear about the lessons learned from this adventure and

Stop Being Social and Start Selling

  We’ve all heard the 80/20 rule in marketing, right? It suggests that when posting to social media, 80% of the posts you share need to be about others and only 20% should be about yourself. The point is that

If Your Rates are Too Rich then You’re Going to be Poor

Do your rates match your target market? Today I’m talking to vendors. Set your rates to whatever the market can bear, right? We’ve all heard this before. So how do you know what the market can bear? More specifically, how

What the Heck is Stream Composition?

You get to the end of the day and you realize you’ve spent all your time managing your business and there’s no time left to manage social media? So what do you do? Give up on social or hire a firm?

Well, I suggest a third idea.

Recruit your staff, your family, and volunteers to all work together and manage your social properties. Hey, it’s a party!

Pin all the Things – Pinterest Marketing with Cynthia Sanchez

Podcast: Play in new window | Download This week’s On Track Tips HOA (Hangouts On Air) guest is Cynthia Sanchez, from Oh So Pinteresting. Here’s our discussion about how a small business can profit from Pinterest. Should I Use Pinterest

Google Plus TNG – Strategy for the Future – Yifat Cohen

Does Google want to know too much about you?

It is not unusual to walk a fine line between convenience and privacy. Do you want to apply for that quick-pass that will allow you to walk quickly through airport security, or do you want to withhold personal information and stand in line?

It is the same online: We sacrifice privacy in order to gain the convenience of universal sign-in, for instance. Truth be known, it is all but impossible to “get off the grid” entirely.

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