3 things I learned about Marketing from the Renaissance Festival

I am fascinated by real world marketing in action, and I’m especially keen to tactics that worked on me because I’m a shrewd consumer. (some might say cheap) So here you go. These are my observations from our excursion to

Essential Copywriting Formulas Every Small Business Owner Should Know – Demian Farnworth

Demian Farnworth is a writer. More than that, Demian is a writer’s writer – a guy who has traversed the path to professional penmanship and earned his stripes every step of the way.

He’s a no-fluff writer. He’s the real deal.

You want to hear what this expert has to say. Here’s what he told On Track Tips concerning copywriting formulas. This stuff is golden:

Storytelling for Business Building – Chris Brogan

There’s a lot of talk lately about storytelling in business and for good reason. Stories help people to understand and relate to your business journey. Where did you get the idea? What was the first thing you did when you

How to Plan the Perfect Live Event – Nikol Murphy

“You can plan every detail to the last minute, but once the event starts, it becomes a wonderful and intricate dance” (Nikol Murphy).

Nikol Murphy knows what she’s talking about. She has combined her more than 20 years of experience in the event industry with her knowledge of social media to cofound Triangle Google Plus HIRL – one of the most active real-life hangouts anywhere. When you want to know how to stage a live event online, Nikol is the go-to expert you need.

Social Media for the Hyper Specific Niche Market – Michael Bennett

Let’s say your business is tightly focused on a specific target market. That’s good, right? You know your customers, you know your product or service – all you need now is for your potential customers to know and like you.
So, you find the handful of online communities that talk about your niche. You join in the conversation and make a few valuable contacts, but you need and want more. What do you do?

How to Manage Multiple Networks – Peg Fitzpatrick

She is bubbly, fun, exciting, smart and focused: Peg Fitzpatrick, Guy Kawasaki’s right-hand gal and a familiar face on tweets, pins, posts, and articles everywhere.

Peg joins Jason Wiser for this edition of “Get on Track, Stay on Track”. In order to manage social media well, you need to…

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