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Today’s quick tip:

How to link social networks together to minimize the amount of time spent there and yet still be able to engage all of my social communities.

Step 1

  • Have Facebook, Twitter and a website.
  • Website must have a blog with a working feed.  The feed is the orange radar button. This button points to the url of the feed.


A) Twitterfeed is the tool that links social media.

  • Create an account or sign in.
  • What is your feed name?
  • What is your blog feed or url? Copy that from your RSS feed page.

  • Click test RSS feed to see if it’s active.
  • The feed parsed– it’s working.

B)  Advanced settings.

I want to encourage you to use the “shorten through Bitly”; the Bitly settings. Now in order to do that you have to be signed up for Bitly. We’re going to come back to this in another video.  But, I want to make sure that you do use Bitly.

  • For “content” use “title and description

  • post prefix or post suffix
  • Continue to step 2

Step 2

A) Available services.

  • Add in available service by clicking on the name of the service.
  • Twittersign in and authenticate.
  • Create service.

B) Add Facebook.

  • Connect and authenticate.
  • Go back and sign in with your personal name.
  • Connected as your name– choose a page.

  • Create service.

Facebook and Twitter are active.  Add LinkedIn, Heletext or Statusnet. Or choose all done.

Congratulations! It’s complete.

a) Go to the dashboard to test it.

Remember we’re saying that when we build a blog we want that blog to auto populate to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Let’s log-in and write the new post “We Are Testing Twitterfeed” and then “This is a test” and let’s publish that into our blog.
  • “We are testing Twitterfeed” shows that the blog posted.

b) Back to Twitterfeed –check now.

c) Check now goes to the RSS feed.  The post “We are testing Twitterfeed” shows in the feed.

d) Refresh to see if it fed here. Click on “1 new tweet: to see “We are testing Twitterfeed. This is a test by bitly”.

e) Refresh Facebook to see “We are testing Twitterfeed”.

So now we’ve shown you how easy it is for you to link these three social networks together.  When you post a blog Twitterfeed will take over, populating your Facebook and Twitter.  Now you’ve hit 3 social networks with one action.

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