Budget your Fitness with the Power of Practice – Lisa Engles


This week we are getting back into our 4-part Budget your Life series. This is Part 3 and our topic is Budget your Fitness (Health) with special guest Lisa Engles. Lisa teaches people how to use the Power of Practice to create radical breakthroughs in their health, wealth and happiness.

She is an entrepreneur and a teacher, trainer, a coach, and an author. We’re going to be taking a deep dive into the Power of Practice. Practice has been an integral part of Lisa’s life since she was 8 years old. She was a dedicated soccer player and loves to run. As a runner, she understood that mental training is just as important to performance as physical training. She started getting the results she wanted when she started practicing in a ‘certain way’.

Budgeting for your health is about choices. You need to choose to value your health. And stop being over-committed, overworked, overwhelmed, and overweight. But this won’t happen overnight.

Lisa will share 3 keys to making choices for a new way of being IN AND WITH your body. ⇒ Shifting from a ‘workout’ mentality to a ‘practice’ mentality ⇒ Creating a partnership with our body ⇒ Taking

Responsibility and being proactive, not reactive One of Lisa’s favorite quotes is “It’s not about doing certain things. It’s about doing things in a certain way.”

Join us for this discussion about the Power of Practice.

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