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According to Mari Smith, “Alex is a Facebook ads legend. The end.” His client list includes companies like Red Bull, Nike, Golden State Warriors, Infusionsoft, MTV and many more.

We are honored to have Alex as a guest because our mission here at On Track Tips is to help small business owners decide which online strategy is best for your company considering your resources, time and money.

Facebook is not a very popular topic here on Google plus. Many Plus users have very strong opinions about why they dislike Facebook. Things like, it is a pay to play platform, it was the biggest bait and switch marketing scheme of a decade, and it is only for big business with big budgets, or it is only for Aunts, and Grandmas, and cat memes. People say things like, “I can’t use Facebook for business because the only people there are my friends and my family and I can’t market to either of them.”

But what if there was a way that you could leverage Facebook ads to drive traffic to your Google plus audience? This includes bloggers whose topics are about Google plus and HOA producers. Would this interest you?

Did you catch this typo? This is a split test to see if anyone is reading this far down. If you read this write “typo” in the comments.

Speaking of HOA producers, one of the biggest topics is that it seems like we’ve hit a threshold on the viewers that will attend HOAs, and so the question is, how can we expand this audience?

Is it possible that Facebook ads might be a option? And if you can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to Google plus Hangouts, just imagine the possibilities of how you can use these same strategies to drive traffic to your small business!

This week Alex is going to reveal some basic ad strategies that work. Across the board, these work.

We will discuss:
⇒ How you can use FB and HOAs together to improve your branding and your marketing
⇒ Dispel the myth that Facebook is only for big budgets and big business
⇒ What are some real steps we can take to turn insights into business decisions that work; that increase sales?

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