FaceBook or Google Plus Which is Better for My Business – Brian Carter


This week our expert is Brian Carter and Brian is going to help us bring closure to the debate “Which is the best network – G+ or Facebook?”

Now, just so you know, Brain’s not some sideshow “Opinion Joe” or recorded message touting network evangelism. He is a balanced and seasoned entrepreneur who understands social media for marketing.

He is an expert on Facebook and has a deep respect for Google Plus and understands the networks.

Brian is a highly respected keynote speaker on social media stages including conferences like SEOmoz, SMX, Pubcon and the much-anticipated upcoming Social Media Marketing World 2014.

He has been quoted and profiled by Information Week, ABC News, U.S. News & World Report, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

He is the author of “The Like Economy” “Facebook marketing” and the much-anticipated “LinkedIn for Business.”

This guy knows his stuff!

So what’s going to be your takeaway from this event?

It’s this.

Stop asking “Which is the better network?” and start asking “Which is the better network for my business?”

We are going to debunk myths, and we are going to be specific about strategy. We are going to help you look at your resources, time and money and walk away from this discussion with enough information to decide,

Which network is the best for my business?

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