My Favorite Takeaway

    My number one takeaway from "Get on Track, Stay on Track" is:



    Who was your favorite guest expert interviewed?*

    Christine DeGraffMike AlltonRand WilsonMichael NelsonRonnie BincerPeg FitzpatrickStephan HovnanianMichael BennettDustin StoutDavid MooreNikol MurphyKenneth ManesseDemian FarnworthMark TraphagenDan CraskMark Traphagen / David AmerlandShannon HernandezScott ScowcroftNeal SchafferDavid KutcherKim FinnertyRebekah RadiceBrian CarterChris Brogan

    Thanks again for taking the time to fill this out. It helps us improve.

    I really appreciate it.

    God Bless…

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