How to Budget your Life – Time, Fitness, and Finance – Phyllis Khare, Lisa Engles and Stephanie Sims


What do these three have in common? More than you can imagine.
This is part 1 of a 4-part series on Budgets for your small business

This week we’ll have three Separate Experts:
Phyllis Khare  – Budgeting Your Time
Lisa Engles  – Budgeting Your Fitness
Stephanie Sims – Budgeting Your Finances

In this introduction Episode, we will look at:
⇒ What are some similarities in discipline?
⇒ Can you use the same techniques?
⇒ What tools exist to help you manage these three?

In the next few weeks we will invite each of our experts back for a deep dive into their specific area of expertise.

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