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By utilizing CMS (Content Management System) software we enable you to be in control of your content. If you have a special fundraiser and you want to feature it on your front page, you can! Special guest speaker? Conference? You control it all. Change pages, add pages, delete pages, all possible. You can also control blog posts and comments. You do not need to rely upon us to update your pages or posts. You do not need to know any programing languages like HTML, CSS, or PhP. You simply type as if you would using any Word program. You can adjust fonts (size, type, bold, underline, italics, etc.), indent paragraphs, add media, add links, add lists, and so much more! And all of this from any computer. This feature is built right into your website, and there is no software necessary.

Interface Screenshot

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Administrative Login

Each site will have its own administrator. We will assign you with a unique username and password so that you can access the interface Control Panel. Then you can decid how you want to manage other users. For example, some sites may want to only allow registered users to be able to write posts, and leave comments. Additionally, you may only want members of your organization to have access to things like directories, birthdays, address, etc. As your web designer, we will have access to your site so that we can be there to help you along.

Interface Training

We will be there for you as you learn how to use this very simple and intuitive interface. We are confident that anyone who knows even the basics of computers can easily learn how to use this interface. With each install, the first 2 hours of training are included. This is all you will need to get content onto your site and working.

Additional Training

We do offer additional training for those of you who wish to learn how to do more advance customization, or for anyone who has a CMS site and needs our help (even if we didn’t build your site). We strongly encourage you to first get comfortable with the interface and then once your pages are populated with content, sit back, reflect, consider revisions, and then move to the next step. For the promotional offer only, we have reduced our regular rates by more than 25%. If you purchase the Pro Plan, your rates for this training will be fixed at $19.99 /hr. and for the Basic plan $29.99 /hr. These rates will never go up! Regular hourly interface training as a stand alone product is $36.00 /hr.

Premium Template Design

We are able to keep our cost low by facilitating the use of templates. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of template possibilities. We help you to choose the template which best meets your particular needs. In addition to the thousands of free templates available, there are also hundreds of Premium templates. These templates have been developed by the industries top artists and designers and have a lot more mobility for customization. As such they are not free. There is a nominal fee involved for the purchase of the themes. But comparing the two is like comparing a Chevy to a Cadillac, both great cars, but one is distinctly different from the other.

Page Layouts

One of the first concerns when someone hears “template” is limited or no unique customization. You may think that someone else out there will have your site and you want to be original. Lets look at the numbers. If you go with a standard “out of the box” template, there is a distinct possibility that you may, in hours of surfing, find someone who has a site that used the same template. But we help you to avoid the common template choices and go to the independent developers for a more rare and unique design. There are tons of premium templates out there that have less than 100 sales. And when you consider how many websites are currently online, the odds of finding the same one as your is extremely slim! (Google announced on 7/25/2008 that it had indexed over 1 trillion unique URL’s. & Bing lunched on 2008-2009 that it had over 1 trillion web sites . )


Hosting Plans

Hosting, in its most basic definition, means that we provide a web accessible source to your websites files. All your text, menus, images, and videos. That way when someone types in your website address, they will be sent to where your files are stored. This services is sold only in yearly blocks. Your first year is included in your plan and you will be billed annually for as long as you continue to partner with Webination Station.

Each site is allowed up to 40GB of bandwidth per month. That is the amount of information that can be transferred into and out of the website. It is unlikely that you will ever come close to reach this amount. If you do begin to get this much traffic, we have other solutions for you available.

We offer hosting as part of the entire website package, or separately as a service. For more questions about hosting, please contact us


Domain Name

A Domain Name is a string of words used to identify computer addresses on the Internet and points to a specific Website. It is the unique name which starts http:// and ends with .com, .org, .edu, .gov, etc. For example, our Domain name is https://ontracktips.com

There is no guarantee that you will be able to get the Domain Name that you request, because it may already have been assigned.

Unique Domain

A Unique Domain is exclusive to you and does not have any prefix or suffix. http://yoursite.com There are many advantages to having your own unique name.

  • It is personal and more professional
  • Short & simple
  • It determines your email address. for example your email address can be info@yoursite.org instead of info@yoursite.ontracktips.com
  • Unique Domains get 3GB of storage space for their website files, Sub-domains only get 1 GB

Domain names must be purchased and can be secured for as long as you choose. 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and beyond. We will then register your name with ICANN. There are many sources for you to obtain your Domain Name from, but we do not provide support to set them up. If you order the Pro Plan, the first year registration for your Unique Domain is included in the plan. You will need to renew this annually.


All Basic Plans buyers will get a Sub-Domain. (yoursite.ontracktips.com) One advantage of Sub-domain is that there is no yearly renewal fee. One time fee and it is yours for as long as you stay with Webination Station. Another distinction, however is that you only get 1GB of Storage for your site files.

Storage Space

Storage space is what you use to add content to your pages. All Images, videos, pages, and text take up storage space. You can use this space only for things which are specifically linked to your site. You cannot use this space as a back-up file system.

  • Pro Plan has 3 GB of Storage space
  • Basic Plan has 1 GB of Storage space
  • Extra Storage space is available 3 GB


Custom Template Manipulation

Every template that we use has it own professional design, layout, and color schemes. We refer to this as “Out of the Box”. It is how the template looks when it is first installed. Many people want some customization added. They want to change the colors, fonts, add a special look to the base layout. One example is where we designed the original artwork of vines and have them wrap around the upper left hand content box at Fruit of the Vine Ministries.

This is called Custom Template Manipulation. Anything that we need to do to the template to make it more personal and to make your site even more unique. This feature is billed hourly where 1 hour equals 1 minute to an hour and 29 minutes of work. Two hours is from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours and 29 minutes, and so on. We encourage you to make a list of changes and let us work on them all at once instead of sending us little changes each day. It is more efficient for us time wise and cheaper for you as you get the most out of your hour of billing. The clock starts and stops with each new to do list, not each task. For more questions about billing, please contact us


Customer Support

We are here to help you have a wonderful stress free Web experience. After we have finalized the installation of your site, and full payment has been paid, we will have given you a bug free website with a fully functioning interface. You will have been trained, and some content will have been populated. After all of this, there will be times when you will need some special assistance. In most cases, there will be a support fee involved. The support fee is based upon the Plan you have purchased, Basic or Pro. The first 5 hours will be included in the Pro plan and Basic Plan will be changed starting with the first hour following final payment and satisfactory installation of your site.

Because we install third party programs, some rare issues may not be able to be resolved. We will handle all your 3rd party inquiries, or we will direct you to their support teams for no additional costs.

The primary function of this support feature is to help you if you happen to change things that you do not know how to change back, or lose content that you cannot retrieve.

Billing for Customer Support is measured by the time it takes to explain or resolve an issue. For more questions about billing, please contact us


Blog Setup

Every Plan we offer includes a fully functioning Blog. It will manage your posts, archives, tags, categories, and comments.

Contact Form

Every Plan we offer includes a site wide Contact form. We add a page that has required fields that will be filled out, processed, and sent to the email of your choice. The advantage of this is to protect your inbox from being flooded with spam. It is professional looking, and a great way for people to contact you.

You can have multiple Forms. Lets say you want to have a prayer request form, or you need to gather information about your church members, or you need a permission slip submitted for your youth group Missions trip. All of these can be added to your site and will be billed on a per form basis.


Portfolio / Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is a premium feature and it comes built into every Pro Plan. It is a way to stylishly display your photos and to group them into categories of your choice. We do not populate your photos for you, we install the interface so that you can. If you want us to populate your photo gallery with your images, that is billed as customer support.

Basic Plan Customers can purchase and have photo gallery added into their plan for an additional cost.


Custom Art Work

We provide a way for you to spice up your site with unique art work. If you have an idea or you see an image in your head but don’t know how to make it digital, just sketch on paper, scan and send it to us and we will draw it for you. Or if you just want to try to explain it, that works too. If you have no idea what you want, just let us work on it and if you like what we design, then you can compensate us for our time. Our artist can do everything from logos, artistic text, banners, slides, advertisement, and cool images as placeholders. All artwork is billed hourly, with the exception of art that is included in your plan (logos and navicons for Pro plan.)

Custom Logo

We design your logo, or if you already have one, we will alter it to best fit onto the page. For example, if your logo is a big circle, and the homepage really would look better with a narrow horizontal image, we will use your logo’s colors scheme, font, elements from your images, and redesign the logo for this application. Included in the Pro plan, we give you 3 sketches or ideas to choose from. We will then take your best choice and create a final product. You will look it over and can make minor changes. We allow 1 hour for this process. Any changes or revisions after this will be charged hourly. This feature is billed hourly where 1 hour equals 1 minute to an hour and 29 minutes of work. Two hours is from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours and 29 minutes, and so on.  For all basic plan and donation recipients,  we reserve the right to edit and alter all artwork including logos, banners, and background images to remain consistent with the website design. For more questions about artwork, please contact us

Custom Nav Icon

What is a navicon? It is the little image that shows up in the navigation bar of your web browser. We design this for you.


Email Setup

Each Domain and Sub-domain will be able to have one or more email accounts. So your email will be info@yoursite.org instead of having to use Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL for example. It is this account that we will link to your contact page. If you want to continue to use your current email account that is possible also. Each email account will be set up using Google Apps Standard. With it you get up to 50 email accounts, each able to send 500 emails a day, and having a storage limit of 7GB. We will set up your first email included in the purchase of any plan, each additional email set up is a one time fee.


Email Marketing Support & Setup

Do you send out newsletters or have reason to send news to your members? Do you host a prayer chain? Consider email marketing. We help you to install Constant Contact ®. It is a paid service and costs only $15 a month (less if you are non-profit). When you sign up through us, we each get $30 added to our account. That is 2 months free, for both of us. You can send unlimited number of emails in style. It is very easy to use, and it is great way to handle bulk mailing. With other companies, you can only send your mail out in small groups, often this becomes a full day project. Not here. You design your email, click send and it is all finished. They track who is receiving your mail, who has changed their email, and who is taking the time to read the mail. No more laborious address book updating. You get incredibly detailed reports and you can really stream line your bulk mailing. For more questions about Constant Contact, please contact us

Remember, if you want to save $30 you must request the coupon from us and sign up through the link that we send you.


Google ® Products setup & support

These are included in the Pro Plan. We help you to get all these products installed and we show you how to use them. If you did not get the Pro plan and still want us to help you install any of these features, we would be happy to assist.

Google ® Analytics Setup

Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. It allows you to see how many people are visiting your site, where they are from, and how long they visited each page. It helps you to know what pages people are visiting, and reassures you that people are visiting your site.

We help you to get this installed and we show you how to use it. This is included in the Pro Plan. If you did not get the Pro plan and still want us to help you install this feature, we would be happy to assist.

Google ® Calendar Setup

We set up a Google ® calendar account for you, give you a simple tutorial, and embed the calendar into your website for your visitors. You can add events, set reminders, allow people to subscribe, make public or private. You can access this from any computer.

Google ® Map Insertion

Where are you located? We embed a user friendly map image into your website that will link to your location. Your visitors can very easily read and print directions.


Donations setup

Paypal ®

Do you want to be able to receive donations, sell merchandise, or easily handle event registrations? We help you get set up with Paypal so you can receive credit card payments from anywhere in the world. We place a button that will walk your visitors through a very simple payment options and once the funds have been sent, you transfer them directly into your bank account. It is safe secure and easy way to receive funds.


Media Installation

Video Uploads

We help you to get set up with a YouTube account where you will load all your videos free! Then we embed the video into your website. You can display your favorite videos to your visitors and they never need to leave your site. Some restrictions apply. If you have more questions, please contact us

Audio Uploads

Yes you can put audio online also! There are very strict copyright restrictions, but if you control the rights to the audio, then there is no problem. Sermons? Original Praise music? All can be uploaded to your site.


Database Backups

We recommend that you do regular backups of your database. It is really up to you as to how often you do this. It depends on how often you add new content or change old content. The database is where most of your sites information is stored. We will perform these back ups for you quarterly on the first of the month. February, May, August, November. If you want your database backup more often, there will be a small fee.

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