See-Commerce the new layer of E-commerce – Sarah Hill


Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Can you SEE me now?

These were the opening lines from Sarah’s TedX talk where she discussed Human Media.

Sarah Hill is an Emmy award-winning anchor, Digital Storyteller, HOA legend with over two and a half million G+ followers.

And Sarah is going to talk to us about Human Media and See commerce.

What is Human media?

It is how users interact face-to-face online no longer confined to avatars and text communication. Just like we are doing now. We can connect with tools like Google hangouts which has taken social media to a whole new level.

And as business owners we need to be aware of how to use this resource, and how to use it effectively.

We are also going to be talking about another term that Sarah has coined, and that term is “See-Commerce” the new layer of E-commerce.

Companies like Toyota, DVF, and Parade who understand how effective HOA are for connect with your customers. You can see your customers, they can see you, E-commerce is quickly headed to a whole new dimension.

And most exciting in the world of “See-commerce” is the recently announced beta launch of Shoppable Hangouts. Where you can actually see the products in a sidebar, buy the products online. It is like having your own QVC network.

Talk about revolutionary strides in marketing. If you have a small business you can’t miss this episode of On Track Tips.

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