A Joseph Project – Allen, Texas

A Joseph Project

Jason Wiser of Webination Station is THE BEST! He took my paltry efforts to build a non-profit website and turned it into a dynamic work of art. I’ve been in the Internet Industry for many years and this is the most innovative design I’ve seen. He also patiently explained in detail how to use the site, how to add in SEO features, and even created a detailed document for me to refer to in the future. He’s been such a huge blessing that we want him for ALL our future projects!

  • Mary Bronzich
  • Mary Bronzich – A Joseph Project

Slavic Outreach Ministries – Renton, Washington

Slavic Outreach Ministries

It has been a great pleasure working with Jason of Webination Station on our ministry’s first website. Jason helped me to accomplish everything I had envisioned for our website, and much, much more!
His positive, helpful attitude was consistent throughout the design process, and he always found creative solutions to many different questions and ideas I posed. His knowledge and expertise in web design seemed inexhaustible, yet he had the “patience of Job” in working with me, a real novice in this area. I have received many compliments and accolades from several who’ve visited our website.

After visiting our website, one of our board members recently said: “Your website is so cool!! Love the tag cloud – and the whole look of the site just flows…so impressed!!! Kudos to the designer and to you for the content! Way to go!!” Knowing that Jason is there to back me up with his expertise should I need it, gives me a great deal of confidence that all will go smoothly as I take over controlling the website’s contents.

I couldn’t be more pleased with our website, or my experience in working with Webination Station! Connecting with Jason and Webination Station came at the perfect time for our ministry, and I absolutely believe that it was Divine Providence.

Jason’s integrity and outstanding character has made Webination Station a ministry of excellence, and I don’t hesitate for a second to give him my wholehearted recommendation!

  • Liz Croonquist
  • Liz Croonquist, President

Carpathian Evangelistic Christian Center – Perachin, Ukraine

Carpathian Evangelistic Christian Center

Thanks Webination Station for your wonderful work to develop our ministry website. We are thoroughly pleased with the graphics and ease of navigation on the site. Our constituency and family have made such nice comments about the site. Jason, the owner of Webination Station, personally assisted us in getting knowledgeable about the use of the website and about the many other communication resources on the social networks. We pray that the Lord will use the work for His glory.

  • Tim Boyd
  • Tim Boyd, Director

Credentialed Teacher Services – San Jose, California

Credentialed Teacher Services

Jason designed a stellar website for my new business. Since going online, following Jason’s advice to connect it to Facebook/Twitter posts and include a blog, my clients have increased by almost 35%. Jason taught me so much, I am and always will be grateful to him for sharing his optimism and insights with me. Hire Jason if you want to be comfortable, gain income, and grow in knowledge.

  • Barbara Capps
  • Barbara Capps, Owner

I Love Detroit Michigan – Detroit, Michigan

I Love Detroit Michigan

I have to tell you all: I LOVE my website! Whenever I have technical issues Jason addresses my concerns either immediately or the very next morning if it’s something that’s popped up overnight.

Jason designed the layouts of every single one of my website’s pages from the top down and every design and navigation element bears his imprint. Surfing my own posts, I am often struck by how easily my site is navigated and the sophisticated yet simple appeal of his design choices. Jason completed the designs all of my website’s pages with an artful precision and did it quickly and efficiently, too, but beyond this, he has also expertly taught me how to effectively utilize and manipulate many of the most important creative tools within our website’s platform, WordPress, and our photo viewer, PrettyPhoto.

I am merely a writer and photographer, but Jason’s technical expertise, guidance and sincere interest in the proper presentation of my website’s subject matter has helped me actualize my creative vision in ways that would have never been possible without him.

  • Dale A. Carlson
  • Dale A. Carlson – Content Director

Family of Faith Ministries – Charlevoix, Michigan

Family of Faith

Please allow me to express my extreme satisfaction with Webination Station and their ability as a Web Designer. I could not be any happier with our Web Site. The work is perfect and the design is creative. They work very hard and are always sensitive to the needs of the customer. I would highly recommend their work. Lastly, they give their very best effort and listen to you as you explain what you need.

  • Pastor Micheal Arp
  • Pastor Micheal Arp

Fruit of the Vine Ministries – Charlevoix, Michigan

Fruit of the Vine Ministries

We were looking for a logo and web enhancements that would make our website easy to navigate. Webination Station met all those needs and more. With their help we are now able to manage our website. We highly recommend their service.

  • Dale & Janice Marcum
  • Dale & Janice Marcum, President

Northern Chaplain Services – Petoskey, Michigan

Northern Chaplain Services

If you are a small church, a missionary, a Para-church ministry, or a new ministry that doesn’t have a web presence, just look at our website or call us to learn why we are so happy and impressed with the finished product that Webination Station created. What is even more impressive, as I learned in the first minute of our first meeting prior to web development was that this company knows and serves with the heart of Christ. Their commitment to developing websites at a free-to-low cost is done with excellent professionalism, work efficiency, honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness.

  • Daniel J. Thompson

Strait Gate House of Prayer – Indian River, Michigan

Strait Gate House of Prayer

I want to personally thank Webination Station for it fine work on our website for Strait Gate House of Prayer. The look is professional and easy to use for all who have visited it. The time to complete the website was done quickly and with few issues that had to be resolved. Even when our site went down, it was only out of commission for a matter of 24 hours. I have had numerous comments from those who use visit our site and they all give a thumbs up to the format and the appearance. I could not be more pleased. You will not be disappointed in hiring this company to help build you a fine website of your own.

  • Cynthia Batchelor, Director

Christian Counseling Services – Charlevoix, Michigan

Christian Counseling Services

Jason Wiser of Webination Station created a professional website for me for the purpose of presenting my counseling practice to the public and marketing my book. Jason’s fresh layout and content presentation gave it a dynamic, yet professionally dignified, identity on the web, replacing my former plain vanilla site. He incorporated marketing tools designed to feature my book, and made it easy for potential visitors to make a purchase.

Jason’s knowledge of website design and construction is exemplary, and the ease with which he connected my site to the various support functions such as social media, payment processors, and e-mail list managers made getting the site up and running painless for me. Jason has a practical understanding of how to construct a site in a manner that gets high scores in the Google search ranking process, and so my site is easy to find through the search engine. Jason is punctual, efficient, communicative, and informative. He understood me as a customer and placed great emphasis on building a truly custom site that reflected my preferences and tastes.

  • Stephen Guthrie
  • Stephen Guthrie, Director

The Way Home Africa – Uganda / Boyne City, Michigan

The Way Home Africa

There are not enough attributes on the list to adequately describe either Jason and his professional skills, his sincerity in pleasing his clients or the extraordinary final results of our fantastic new website. One visit to www.thewayhomeafrica.com and you will surely agree!

He continues to go the extra mile and has been more than patient and willing through a longer than average ‘build’ time due to our 3rd world country internet speed restrictions. We believe our website is a testimony to Jason’s ability and depth of knowledge to think outside the box and persevere with integrity through all the bumps in the path to getting finished with excellence. If that is not enough, his “nothing is impossible” drive to please his clients, is only second to His obvious desire to please His Lord.

As you can see, we cannot say enough about God’s gifts, used for His glory, displayed through His servant and our friend and webmaster, Jason Wiser. We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional breath-of-LIFE communication vehicle for your ministry and mission…via cyberspace!

  • Russ and Marcia Baugh
  • Russ and Marcia Baugh, Directors

Jan R Miesse Enterprises – Celina, Ohio

Fruit of the Vine Ministries

Jason has developed a highly manageable website for my company. He listened to my needs and suggested important additions that have enhanced my brand. I continue to work with Jason at Webination Station to further develop my brand. He knows the ropes and is very personable.

  • Jan R Miesse
  • Jan R Miesse

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