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If you have been following business news recently, you have heard about the announcement last week that Guy is now the Chief Evangelist for Canva and Peg Fitzpatrick is their new head of Social Strategy. I tell you what, this company is not pulling any punches bringing these two celebrity powerhouses onto their team.

Canva, of course, is the revolutionary new Web tool for design. If you haven’t heard of this tool head on over to http://canva.com to discover what all the buzz is about and why they are nominated for this year’s Webby awards. They are an incredible resource for creating amazing graphics for web and print.

I want to ask you to show your support by voting. Hey, let’s send Canva over the top!

This tool helps guys like me that can’t even color inside the lines to create banners, blog images, and graphics that look amazing.

For those of you who are already using Canva, you can see why it’s a no-brainer that Guy would want to attach himself to this company.

In addition to hearing about his career with companies like Apple, Motorola, and now Canva, we are going to help you, the listener,  understand the basic principles of Brand Evangelism and how to apply these concepts to your small business.

We are going to discuss things like:
⇒ How to inspire your customers to become Evangelists
⇒ How to equip your evangelists with the correct information for maximum impact in your marketing
⇒ What it takes to become a paid evangelist or Chief Evangelist

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