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This week we are getting back into our 4 part series on Budget your Life. In part one we met with our three experts, Phyllis Khare who talked about budget your time, Lisa Engles  whose topic is Budget your Fitness, and Stephanie Sims who will discuss Budget your finances.

This week we are diving deeper with Phyllis Khare into how to Budget your Time.

Phyllis is going to present some strategies from her Google Calendar System, Time Bliss Me that literally transformed my life. http://jtw.bz/TimeBliss

It’s an innovative way of using Google Calendar that will give you clarity, productivity and less stress.

Does this sound familiar? You wake up stressed. You go to bed stressed. You live in a space of “lack of time” overwhelm, feeling like you’ve forgotten important things you need to do, feeling two steps behind – all the time…

Phyllis used to feel this way. Big time. She was forced into finding a better way of managing herself. It was either that or go crazy – or completely give up on her career!

With her back against the wall, she developed a new way to use Google Calendar to schedule her day… and it ended up transforming her life, and mine.

She’s going to share 6 Steps to Using a Google Calendar.

⇒ Why a To-Do list is a flawed system
⇒ Why Checklists DO NOT work
⇒ How to use Google Calendar for a mobile office
⇒ What does it mean to have a reality based experience with time
⇒ Time-sucking tasks you need to STOP doing right now
⇒ Time Management and outsourcing

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