How to Develop a Brand Strategy – Dustin Stout

Brand strategy with Dustin Stout
Brand strategy with Dustin Stout

He’s a Google+ scholar, blogger, and social media junkie. Don’t stop there, though … he’s a branding specialist, a seasoned actor … and he is absolutely passionate about creativity.

Dustin Stout stopped by the On Track Tips studio to talk about branding … and left us with some tips well worth considering.

Steps to developing a brand

  1. First consideration: What is your goal? What drives what you are doing? What is the core of your business ambition? How will you help people?
  2. Second consideration: How can you share that vision in an articulate manner that identifies you with the goal and gets the audience to see it?

Always remember: Every brand is different. the perfect brand strategy is the one that fits you and your brand.

And it all begins with story … with what is your story. You need to know three things:

  • You must know who you are
  • You must know your offer
  • You must know the market
You should aim to become the most valuable person in your niche.Click To Tweet

How should graphics support branding?

Dustin’s trump card is creativity, so visual representation is important to him (as it should be to you).

Here are Dustin’s rules for visual branding:

  1. Always keep it simple
  2. Get to the root of the thing you are trying to communicate
  3. Know which colors will emotionally connect you with your audience
  4. Use two colors max (maybe three) in your logo and for brand identification

It all begins with your colors. Colors are crucial. They affect us psychologically in ways that would amaze us.

Imagine an artist painting bowl of fruit on a table. The artist must take away the clutter in order to allow the center piece to shine. If it isn’t necessary, remove it.

Every brand is different. the perfect brand strategy is the one that fits you and your brand.Click To Tweet

Trim the fat. Consider the Apple brand and logo.

Look to Apple and Nike for two companies who GET the idea about being simple and consistent. Any distraction you allow will take away from the focus.

TIP: Your logo must be recognizable in scales ranging from very small to very large.

Remember to remember that your brand must be simple and consistent.

Your brand should be recognized quickly. It usually isn’t a good idea to do it yourself and end up with an okay job. Find a designer who knows how to solidify a digital identity. You want the best job you can get.

Use simplicity in the naming of your brand, as well. It displays confidence and makes it a whole lot easier to give out your email address.

Audience question: When is it time to refresh your brand?

Dustin’s answer: Listen to your audience. Are they having trouble with remembering you or finding you?

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How should you represent yourself in social media?

Dustin’s key strategies to convey your brand message on social media:

1. Always have clear objectives
2. Put out stuff that matches what you are about
3. Be consistent, day in and out (the most important part of branding)

You should aim to become the most valuable person in your niche.

Dustin’s SEO plan: Create amazing content that delivers value and everything else will take care of itself!

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    2 Comments on “How to Develop a Brand Strategy – Dustin Stout

    1. Jason, Dustin is dead on with the Apple and Nike notes. Simple, powerful, clean logos you’ll never forget. So easy to remember and so impacting too. Great interview here!


      • Yeah many people try to cram too much information in to their logos and it just gets busy and confusing. People remember the logo because they remember the brand.
        Thanks Ryan for stopping by.

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