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Pam Moore Marketing Nut


The goal for businesses, and the people within them, is not to do social but to be social. Even “being social” is often not enough. We must be socially relevant. (Pam Moore)

This is an On Track Tips “Just the Facts” Summary of my interview with Pam Moore — Conducted August 23, 2014 with Google+ Hangouts on Air.

 The Art of Twitter for Business

On Track Tips: I like that when you talk about Twitter you jump past the tools and go straight to the strategy of Twitter. Or as you say, “the Art of Twitter.” Tell us a little why it is so important to focus on strategy and not so much on the tips and tools. And what might be an example of a specific strategy a small business should be using?

Pam Moore: That is one of the things all businesses — no matter the size — tend to struggle with. I don’t know why, but people tend to forget Marketing and Business 101 when they hop on Twitter or Facebook. They get all caught up and excited … and can spend years going nowhere. They have no idea about the basics, and their ROI (return on investment) comes back at about zero.

So, I ask them:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What objectives does your audience have?
  • What is your audience trying to achieve?
  • How are you helping them achieve those goals?

Then — nine times out of ten — they look at me and say, “Ah … good questions.”

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Strategy begins with your audience — understand who you are connecting with and what you want to achieve together … what is it they NEED from you?

Don’t hop on Twitter and start talking about “Me, me, me.”

Twitter Metrics: What About Conversions?

On Track Tips: It is also important to set a metric that will allow you to know when you have SUCCEEDED at your goals — a certain conversion rate, for instance. Pam, you report that your own conversion rates are running 50-80 percent?!! That’s insane! How are you doing that?

Pam: We implemented some changes and began concentrating on our conversion funnel. It wasn’t that we changed our offers, but that we changed the way we developed content — I started “selling” a little more than I used to. We got our start by syndicating our content, but we began pulling it back in and decided to monetize it. We changed our business model a little bit. We quit trying to make everybody on the social planet happy. We are up to 83% on some of our landing forms.

TimeStamps for Quick Viewing

On Track Tips: Walk us through what a conversion goal might look like.

Pam: For us, a first level conversion is that the visitor opts in for an email subscription. We have an integrated email marketing program. That’s how we get the ROI out of everything we’re doing. Our content lives on our blog and lives on all of our social platforms. The top-level goal is to get them into our email nurture series where we can foster a relationship with them.

  • First conversion goal: Get them to opt-in to the mailing list
  • Second conversion goal: Get them to stay

We send out an email about twice per week. From there, conversions would focus on leads for our agency, for speaking engagements, for consulting … and those things that bring a good ROI.

Breaking Through the Noise on Twitter

On Track Tips: How do you break through the noise on Twitter? Are people really there spending time and searching for content?

Pam: People ARE there, and hashtags are a great way to reach them. Hashtags take a balance of art and science. Just be sure to use the hashtags your audience is looking for. Hashtags will improve the pickup of your content, if you use them correctly.

Think about the human factor … “How can I relate to the human beings on Twitter?” If you have that mindset, it changes the whole game — how you approach it, how you look at it, and how your audience sees you.

People are keen to brands and to people who are trying to push content just to be seen.

To bust through the noise, quit trying to bust through the noise.

Instead of trying to stand on a platform and shout to the world about what you are doing, make it a one-on-one conversation and relationship.


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Which Social Media Platform is Best for Me?

On Track Tips: How can an entrepreneur take care of business and still keep connected on all the social platforms. How important is it to just measure your bandwidth, pick your platform(s), and focus your energies there?

Pam: To market on Twitter, you absolutely have to do that. You have to be committed and get on board. If you can get someone to understand Twitter, they can “get” social media. Twitter makes the social light come on.

Here’s how to begin:

  • Give Twitter some dedicated time
  • Balance your efforts between content and learning the tools
  • Hop on some Twitter Chats
  • Build a plan and build your brand
  • Know what value you are adding
  • Don’t tweet noise

Advantage of Using Twitter for Business

On Track Tips: Pam, you have said, “You don’t need an email address, you don’t need permission. Twitter gives you direct access to influencers — people you want to meet.” Talk to us about that.

Pam: Social media allows you to bypass the executive secretary. Twitter gives you access to anyone using the platform. You do not need their permission to send them a 140-character message. When you have a plan and know how to speak with them, Twitter becomes an easy platform for nurturing relationships with people you’ve never met.

Are Twitter Chats Worthwhile?

On Track Tips: Why do so many people use Twitter Chats?

Pam: Twitter Chats are a great way to connect and build community. Participating in Tweet Chats can:

  • Help you learn Twitter
  • Diminish the noise via filtered tweets (using hashtags)
  • Bring together like minds
  • A great way to meet new people
  • Provide encouragement from peers

On Track Tips: And would you agree that Twitter is the most forgiving network in social media. It’s okay to make mistakes.

Pam: Absolutely agree.

On Track Tips: One of the audience wants to know about your new podcast, Pam. Where can it be found?

Pam: Our podcast — The Social Zoom Factor — is on iTunes and Stitcher.

Ask Pam “The Marketing Nut” Moore

Firehose Session:

Q. What about auto-direct-messages? Are they dead?

A: Don’t’ do it. The damage you will do with auto-DM is not worth it.

Q: Do you pay attention to tools that tell you about Tweeting at certain times of the day, days of the week, and so on?

A: It depends on your audience. Know them and their preferences. One thing, though, is that Mondays are for getting into work and Fridays are for getting into play. Schedule your content accordingly. It’s best not to Tweet a scientific research paper at 6 am Monday, you’d do a whole lot better with just a quote. Save the more in depth articles until people have had their coffee.

Q. What are your thoughts about tools like If-This-Then-That and chain posting strategy. For example, auto post from your blog, to Facebook, to Twitter? Seems if you’re going to automate, Twitter is an acceptable dumping ground. Thoughts?

A: Some people swear by them. We don’t do that. We are about the human element. We do use tools to help with posting, but we don’t do triggered reactions. A big part of the value to social media is being there and being part of the organization. I’ve seen too many companies blast content like it’s coming from a fire hose, but they’re not there when people respond. You’re better off posting a couple of times each day … and being there … than you are to use a blasting technique.

Q. Is it okay for some businesses to automate some things … if it’s for a suitable reason? say, small business owners that are low on bandwidth and still want to have a footprint in the stream?

A. Absolutely. We use Buffer, for example, on days when we’re slammed. We will schedule posts we know our audience wants, so that we don’t let them down.

That’s it, folks … So now you’re asking, “How can I engage with Pam Moore?” Well, just go online. She’s everywhere!

Pam Moore Bio

She’s was named one of Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers.

She’s been using social media for marketing ever since she and Al Gore invented the internet, and she’s one of the best in the industry.

Pam is a popular keynote speaker and has appeared at conferences like Social Media World, British Council, and IBM Connect, to name but a few.

She’s a consultant, a trainer, a best-selling author, a blogger, and of course, an entrepreneur. Pam’s the founder and CEO of Marketing Nutz, a full service digital marketing firm … and talk about a client list: Marketing Nutz manages accounts for Fortune 50 organizations like  Sony, Chick-fil-A, Lowe’s, PlayStation, and Holiday Inn.

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    • There are several cases where RSS auto feeds work, I’ve used many times. But like Pam says in the article, it is not recommended to use auto feeds unless necessary. I’ve never heard of engator, but certainly worth a look. Thanks for stopping by Dora

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