Instagram Strategies for Small Business Marketing – Sue B. Zimmerman

Instagram for business with Sue Zimmerman


Take a photo. Upload it to Instagram. Then share your prize shot via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

It’s that simple.

And – according to On Track Tips guest, Sue B. Zimmerman – it can also be a whole lot of (rewarding) fun!

If you are in business and you have a pulse, you need to be on Instagram.Click To Tweet

Sue B. Zimmerman (aka the #InstagramGal and the #InstagramExpert) is an authority on Instagram for business. Sue joined us in the On Track Tips studio to help get us up to speed on her favorite topic.

Says Sue, “If you are in business and you have a pulse, you need to be on Instagram.”

What Instagram IS NOT

It’s not a replacement for Facebook (but it can be an excellent companion). It’s not a place for spammers, and it’s not difficult to get the hang of.

Instagram people tend to be fun-loving and creative. They are visually inspired and can be extremely loyal.

It takes a little more effort (because of the mobile-centered aspect) to respond to someone on Instagram – so those who do find and follow you are more likely to be there because your page persona resonates with them.

Instagram is not a replacement for Facebook (but it can be an excellent companion) ...Click To Tweet

By sharing to multiple platforms, you can bring people together from numerous sources. (Sue has six different Instagram accounts.)

Instagram offers 20 filters and hundreds of different apps to make your posts stand out.

Getting started with Instagram

The first step is to define your market niche. What are you an expert at, and how are you different from everyone else who is doing that?

Share your story in a compelling way, and provide value on every single post.

Tips for Instagram success

  • Optimize your bio … it is the first thing people see. Make sure it attracts your ideal follower.
  • Use a photo of yourself on your bio (unless you are a brand).
  • You have 150 characters to use in your description. Use them well.
  • Use emojis to creatively and strategically help get your message across.
  • Change up the URL in your bio to drive traffic wherever you choose.
What are you an expert at, and how are you different from everyone else who is doing that?Click To Tweet

Using hashtags with Instagram

Hashtags are big on Instagram. You can use up to 30 on each post, but 8 to 11 is ideal. Make a list of your top 30 keywords (some uniquely you) and use them often.

You can curate content with your hashtags. Sue says it is thrilling to see people are creating content within your branded content.

Once you’ve chosen your niche and built your community, you can draw other with similar interests by the judicious use of hashtags.

Moreover, you can always change your hashtags on a post whenever you would like.

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Wrapping it up

Everyone, no matter the topic can have fun and attract followers on Instagram. By communicating with those you meet and providing value to them, you can quickly build your own community.

One thing to remember, though: You can’t be everywhere at once. Choose the social media platforms that best suit your business goals and dig in.

Sue B. Zimmerman is living proof that social media can absolutely be worth the investment.

Not only has Sue been the keynote speaker at some of the top social media conferences, she also teaches entrepreneurs, business execs, and marketing professionals how powerful Instagram for business can be.

Sue is author of  both the online Instagram course, Insta-Results, and the the #1 selling eBook: Instagram Basics for your Business.

Sue has found Instagram to be the PERFECT tool to promote, not just her product line, but also for marketing her online services.

That’s what really sets Sue apart. She’s not just selling concepts and ideas; she’s using Instagram strategies to prove results in her own small business. Sue B. Zimmerman KNOWS what she’s talking about.

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