Using RSS Feeds and How to make RSS Feeds

Feedburner RSS Feeds

How to make RSS Feeds?

  • A feed is simply your blog. Your post becomes your blog roll or feed.
  • Using RSS feeds allows you to see your blog in a Feed Reader like iGoogle.

RSS Feeds with iGoogle

Step 1 – How to make RSS Feeds

– Go to your website and click on RSS feeds.
– Copy or Ctrl+ C the URL.

Feedburner RSS Feeds 1


Step 2

– Go back to your iGoogle and click on “Add gadgets.”

Feedburner RSS Feeds Add Gadgets

– On the right side click on “For feed owners.”

Feedburner RSS Feeds For Feed Owners

– Choose RSS -> Choose one -> Choose a Google button design

Feedburner RSS Feeds Choose One

– Enter your feed URL

Feedburner RSS Feeds 5 Feed URL

– Click on “Generate HTML”.

Feedburner RSS Feeds Generate HTML

– Click on the Try it out “Google button.”

Feedburner RSS Feeds Google Button

Now you know how to make RSS Feeds with iGoogle.

RSS Feeds with Feed burner

1. On your website click on RSS Feeds

Feedburner RSS Feeds Click RSS Feeds

2. It will now direct you to feed burner. Click on your preferred reader.

Feedburner RSS Feeds Feed Burner

3. And at it to your reader.

Feedburner RSS Feeds Reader

Now you know how to burn your RSS Feeds with Feed Burner.

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3 Comments on “Using RSS Feeds and How to make RSS Feeds

  1. Hi threre

    I have used your tips so much since I began blogging – thanks bunches for your good tips.

    I wonder how come I cant see the orange RSS icon on my site – dont know if I have done anything wrong but just wondering

    Thanks again :)


    • Not sure why your blogger RSS icon is not working. I looked at your site, but I would need to see your dashboard to see why it is not appearing. If you require further assistance, please use the contact form and let me know how I can help.

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