How to Set up USPS Shipping for WP E-commerce

WP E-Commerce USPS Shipping

In this video I help you understand how to install USPS shipping to your WP E-Commerce Shopping Cart. I know this article is not for all of our readers, but I have had some questions about this so here it is.

Watch the video or follow along with the step by step screen shots below.

Step 1

– Go to the dashboard

Wp e commerce 1

– click on plugins

Wp e commerce 2

– Make sure your WP e- commerce plug in is installed and activated

Wp e commerce 3

Step 2

– Go to settings

Wp e commerce 4

– Click on store

Wp e commerce 5

– Click on the shipping tab

Wp e commerce 6

– Make sure shipping is turned on

Wp e commerce 7

– Enter your town and zipcode

Wp e commerce 8

– Check the USPS box

Wp e commerce 9

– Click on edit

Wp e commerce 10

– Enter your USPS ID

Wp e commerce 11

o If you do not have a USPS ID click on the “click here” link to get one.

Wp e commerce 12

o Fill out the USPS API form and click submit.

Wp e commerce 13

o A letter will be sent to you by e-mail with your username and password.

Wp e commerce 14

– Go to the United States Postal service website and go to Developmental guides. Read these pages.

– Return to the WP-Ecommerce Plugin settings Page and check the box “use test server”

Wp e commerce 15

– Click on update.

Wp e commerce 16

Step 3

– Call The United States Postal Service at 1-800-344-7799 and talk to a representative. They are very helpful and they will validate the services. You MUST do this step to use the USPS Shipping API

Wp e commerce 17

– Refresh your settings by clicking on update

Wp e commerce 18

Step 4

– Go to Edit product

Wp e commerce 19

– At the “Shipping” tab enter your dimensions.

Wp e commerce 20

Step 5

– Go to USPS_20.php that is found in your plugins folder

Wp e commerce 21

– Go to search and find the word “media”

Wp e commerce 22

– Delete the comments

Wp e commerce 23

– Click save.

Wp e commerce 24

– Upload it back to your server and refresh your settings.


TIP: Save a copy of your settings in a folder.
– Go back to your store settings, check the media mail box.

Wp e commerce 25

– Click on update.

Wp e commerce 26

You have now start using the USPS shipping API with your WP E-Commerce Store!

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14 Comments on “How to Set up USPS Shipping for WP E-commerce

    • I am glad this helped out. It seems to be a real popular topic,. I just hope WP E-Commerce continues to keep the plugin supported and updated. The support has been a challenge and I have taken my clients over to WooComerce.

  1. I’ve been searching for anything relevant to 2013 and issues with this cart. Since you seem knowledgeable… have you ever run into having the cart not allow you to remove “First Class” or other options from international customers?

    The client can’t actually choose “First Class” as an option to ship to their customers, so they lose money if people buying from the site choose the cheapest shipping option (which they invariably do, every time.) Essentially, international shipping shows every option, every single time, regardless of what’s chosen in the admin. I’ve dug into the usps_20.php file and tried to manually disable those services, but I can only assume that the XML response from USPS contains all of the options by default, regardless of what wp-ecommerce is expecting. If you’ve ever encountered the issue, I’d love to know how you solved it. I just can’t seem to affect the shipping options at all for international shipping (not without breaking other things, anyway.)

    It’s a terrible shopping cart, really, I’ve had to dig into the plugin code in one way or another for every second issue since it was installed. I realize you are only another person hacking away at the plugin like the rest of us, so you may have no idea. Thanks anyway.

  2. Hello… The video really helped a lot. Thank you for posting.

    My problem: I have everything up and running. The USPS Shipping calculator seens to work fine for domestic purchases and single items internationally. Where it goes off is when an international order is placed for more than one item. It doesn’t just double the postage… it goes way up.

    For instance, a single 2 LBs item shipped to Germany shows First Class International as $24.15 which according to the USPS web site is correct. If I update it to 2 2LBs items… it gives me a First Class International price of $77.90 which is WAY off. Real price should be $38.95.

    All of the prices for Priority Internayional are off, as well.

    What am I doing wrong? I have all of the dimensions and weights added to my products. Any suggestions?

    • Again, I am not sure why this is happening, but maybe there is someone reading this that can assist.

  3. Thank you for your video. Followed the steps and was able to get The USPS Shipping calculator up and running. Don’t think I would have ever understood the test run without the vid. Here’s my problem: Looks like I have done everything to set up the shipping calculator. Entered dimensions and weights for all my products. When I tset order a single product, it appears the calculator works well, both domestic and international. But when I order multiple items, the international shipping sum is WAY off. The sum for First Class International comes out higher than Priority, which is reversed. I don’t understand it. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    • Well, I am glad this has helped you to at least get started, and at the same time sorry I cannot help you out more. I am not familiar with the International calculator / rates. I would need to research this and try to untangle it myself. I am willing to assign this project to my team if you are interested in premium assistance. Just let me know if you need further assistance.

    • I know, it took me a long time to unlock the code of this, which is why I created the tutorial. Glad I was able to help you avoid some of the same frustration that I went through. Ha-ha

  4. I followed this tutorial but nothing USPS related even shows up on my checkout page. The “media” part of the tutorial was nice. i just thought media wasn’t available. At least if I ever get it working, there’s that. Thanks.

    • I went to your site and I see it is working now. Your shipping rates seem pretty high though. Be sure to check your dimensions weight, etc. Glad the Media mail tip helped.

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