Which Picasa Plugin for WordPress is the best?

Picasa Plugin for WordPress

Which Picasa Plugin for WordPress is the best? I know there are a lot of plugins out there for Flicker, but I prefer Picasa.

I have  many hours invested in Picasa with uploads, sorting, organizing, renaming, and date correction. Therefore, I need to get a working plugins for Picasa. I have tried almost all of the ones listed at WordPress, and here is what works best for me.

The undisputed champion is Shashin.

It is perfect for both a sidebar widget, and as a page or post photo population plugin. As a sidebar widget, you can choose one specific photo, random photos, or feature an album.  As an album display page, just enter a simple short code onto one of your pages and Shashin does  the rest ( see an example here http://mibridgemi.com/photo-albums). 

One of my favorite features is that it has a built in way to reorder / organize by dates in reverse. Now you no longer need to tell your visitors, the new pictures are at the bottom.”

This feature is not built into Picasa Web Albums and is a topic of much concern in the forums there. Anyone who has tried to sort by reverse order in web albums knows the frustration, but will soon come to know the freedom thanks to Shashin!

Check out the random shuffle sidebar widget at http://mibridgemi.com.

There is a slight learning curve, but with just a little trial and error, you are up and running! It is really easy to set up. The only real setback is that there is not currently support, and inevitably you will have special requests and may have difficulty getting assistance.

#1 Choice
• All pro!
• Fix bug
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o Read this article

Other plugins I like:
For quick simple installs where you do not want to mess with customization, I use Picasa Photos to show random pictures from all of my Albums on my home page, and contact page. Then I like to use Picasa for WordPress to add short slideshows from one Album to specific pages like about us, events, or locations.

Picasa Photos
This is specifically a sidebar widget. This shows any number of pictures from your Picasa Vertically in the Widget Side Bar. Tested in WordPress 3.0.1
• Can choose random from all albums, a specific album, or multiple albums
• Can customize widget uniquely for each page or post (using Widget Logic)
• User can easily customize .php to get it to disable link back to Picasa, or to redirect to custom URL, or to open in theme #popup, lightbox, etc. (line 68)

Picasa for WordPress
This is specifically a sidebar widget. This creates a slide show from a Picasa Album in the Widget Side Bar. Tested in WordPress 3.0.1
• Automated Slide show of any album, or slideshow
• Cannot show pictures in Random order. If you have a lot of pictures in an Album, your visitors might not see them all. It starts from the beginning every time you refresh your browser.

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    • I am sorry that this article needs a facelift because the answer is not here and I do not have the answer. Google has changed so many things that it is hard to keep up for plugin developers. I assure you this is on my priority list to find an answer for our readers.

    • Sorry no ideas about plugins, but it could be done manually fairly easily using FTP, not sure that helps you much.

      I would be careful using Picasa because it is being integrated into your Google Plus Profile and no longer acts the same way online.

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