7 Tips to Help you Get Seen on YouTube

Get Seen on Youtube

Here are seven Quick Tips that will help you get your videos seen on YouTube and improve your SEO for YouTube videos.

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Now that you have seen the video, here is the summary of what you just learned.

1. Keywords

Create a list of keywords that describe your video. Some of the most important keywords can be names of cities, industries and types of niches within those industries. Use the keywords to attract people searching for those specific things.

2. About Us

Every YouTube account allows the user to give information about themselves. Write a paragraph that gives the most important elements of who you are and your purpose. Include a website address or place where users can get more information.

YouTube About Us section

3. Titles

Give your video a title that includes important keywords. Avoid abbreviations or vague descriptions. Think of titles that include phrases people would use for search to find your type of video. Use your keywords to name your video.

In this video I discuss your Video “Parents of Adopted Children in Zhytomyr, Ukraine” This title has many key words combinations in it. For example, “Parents of Adopted Children” “Adopted Children” “Children in Zhytomyr” and “Zhytomyr Ukraine”

If someone types one of these expressions into Youtube search, then your video will be considered because it matches the keywords.

4. Description

There are three very important tips to consider when writing your descriptions.

  1. Describe your video using keywords without overusing them. Keep the description informative. Longer descriptions are acceptable, if what you are writing adds value and not just a bunch of extra keywords.
  2. Think of your most important information, and include it at the beginning of your description. Make sure to include a link to your Domain name. You need to test that this important information appears above the “Show more” link
  3. YouTube Descriptions

    YouTube Descriptions Show More button

  4. Include a link to your website and be sure to include the “http://” before your domain name so that YouTube will create a link to the URL.

5. Tags

Use keywords in your tags so that YouTube knows the most important elements of your video. When you add key words, you can add them as individual words, or as keyword phrases. To add a keyword phrase, you need to have the phrase in quotations before you hit enter. YouTube no longer displays tags in the video description, but they still allow you to add them, and many experts agree that YouTube looks at these and they do affect your SEO.

YouTube Tags no longer displayed

YouTube Tags no longer displayed

6. Thumbnails

YouTube will give you a choice of thumbnails, which are small images that represent your video. Select the most colorful or attention getting thumbnails.

If the three thumbnails that YouTube gives you to choose from are not suitable, you can design your own thumbnail that looks more attractive, although not all users have this feature yet.

YouTube Custom Thumbnails

7. Sharing

Make sure you take advantage of YouTube’s sharing capabilities so that others can send links to your videos in emails and post them on websites and social networks.

Also, try to educate your church members and / or staff about how important it is to share these links in their other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

These tips explain how to get seen on YouTube, how to get found on YouTube and how to increase higher visibility in YouTube’s search engine.

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17 Comments on “7 Tips to Help you Get Seen on YouTube

  1. Thanks Jason, I am currently researching how to most effectively and inexpensively promote my new product with automated webinars. God Bless!

    • Greg Have you considered Hangouts on Air? These are very affordable and very versatile. You can easily re-purpose the content and gain a lot of Social Media Real Estate with one video.

  2. Wow Jason, this is really fantastic. Whether you watch the video version or read the blog with all the photo illustrations, this is great information, well laid out and explained. And I love the way that your approach helps promote another high-value organization (and yours at the same time). It’s clear that you are really serious and passionate about your mission. I think Christianity sometimes can’t see how faith lays out in non-religious job categories. But it is very clear how God is using you and your efforts to further the kingdom! Double A+.

    • Thanks for the kind words Todd. I am very passionate about the Gospel and about helping others so they can share it too. We all know that the best value is giving and not receiving, but as business people, sometimes this gets grey. I am intentional to try to find ways to promote others that I know have a ministry calling and are doing a good work. Blessing to you sir.

  3. Loved that featured image for this post! Where does it go when we click through to the full blog post?

    And these tips are fantastic btw! Awesome stuff Jason! I’ll be ramping up my Video strategy soon, and this will certainly be beneficial!

  4. Great job Jason! I wondered about this subject. I did learn a lot. It would be great to learn about keys words. I am only assuming what they are at this point. :)
    blessing to you and your

    • I will be covering this topic soon. Stay tuned. In fact let me encourage you to sign up for the updates so you don’t miss the article.

  5. I will be soon making videos for my recipe blog, and i now understand more of what to do to get noticed on the net. Can’t wait to start, great post. Rosy R.

    • Glad you liked them. I hope you found at least one thing that you’ve not heard before. Most of these are fairly common tips, but I had to throw in a two Ninja tricks (Custom Thumbnails & http://)

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