How to Increase Your Upload Speed for Hangouts


Don’t you hate it when you’re hosting a Hangout on Air and the screen freezes, drops, or it gets all blurry.

What you need is faster Upload speed, right?

Well, I just increased from .74 MB to 1.12 MB by simply ticking one box in my modem settings. Might not seem like a lot, but I’m telling you what, it sure is!

So How do you do it?

It just takes one small tweek. Ready?

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First you need to see if your modem is Annex-M capable. Go look at your instructions manual and it should say in your specs.

Once you figured out that your modem can be AnnexM enabled, here’s what you need to do. Or at least these are the steps that I took for my D-Link DSL-2600U Modem / Router.

Do this at your own risk! (but there really isn’t much risk here)

1- Goto and test for your current upload speed. Run the test 2 – 3 times and take an average.

2- Next open a browser window and type into the navigation bar. Your local IP might be different like maybe or but in most cases its 1.1

3- Once the browser opens your modem connection, you’ll likely need to enter a user name and password. Oh, and I suggest doing this using an Ethernet cable, though it’s not necessary. I like to do it because it’s one less variable.

4 – For my modem, I went to Advanced Setup -> DSL Settings and found the box to enable “AnnexM” and ticked the checkmark (don’t worry if it doesnt speed things up likewe hope, you can turn it back without breaking anything, at least I did)

6 – Now just click “save / apply” wait 30 seconds to a minute.

7 – Reset your modem. unplug, count to 30, plug it back in

8 – Go back to and test your speed again.

Did it work? If it did let me know what your starting speed was and how much you increased in the comments below. I am curious to see what others are getting for speed.

And that’s it. See you next time for our next Quick Tip.

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4 Comments on “How to Increase Your Upload Speed for Hangouts

  1. hey there, im using zyxel and there is no way i can find the setting you r showing. is it possible you to help me up?

    • You mean the local IP to adjust your modem settings? if you are a MAC user, try this:

      1. Click on the apple (top left)
      2. About this MAC
      3. More Info
      4. System Report
      5. WiFi
      6. TCP / IP
      7. Router

      This will tell you the IP of the device you are connected to Denise

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