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Your Business Will Always Need Good SEO

Reports of the death of Search Engine Optimization have been greatly exaggerated.  When your business needs to grow, you don’t have time or money to waste, so you need to know where your dollars should be spent, and where they would best be spent elsewhere. For most businesses that owe any amount of their revenue to online traffic and exposure, SEO remains a good investment.

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If Google Can Rebrand, Should You?

Recently the Google Corporation announced their biggest rebranding since their company began 16-years ago, complete with two new logos, a full name logo rebrand and a rebranded ‘G’ logo in four colors (in addition to a rebranded Google+ logo). A more conservative corporation might have been too gun-shy to do such a thing.  After all, Google is the second most valuable brand in the world

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Optimize Your Shared Content On All Social Networks

You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect Article or Blog Post, you’ve sent it out Live on your website or blog, and now it’s time to share it to Social Media, which now drives more traffic to major publishers than Google. Before you start Status Updating, Tweeting, Posting, or whatever else you should probably be made aware of something: not all social networks are created equal. I

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