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How to Set up USPS Shipping for WP E-commerce

In this video I help you understand how to install USPS shipping to your WP E-Commerce Shopping Cart. I know this article is not for all of our readers, but I have had some questions about this so here it is. Watch the video or follow along with the step by step screen shots below. Step 1 – Go to the dashboard – click on

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How to set the timing on Piecemaker 2

I love this Word Press plugin! It is simply awesome. I recently saw this question on a forum and so I decided to answer it here. The question is The Piecemaker rotator apparently has a fixed duration for each panel (perhaps 10 sec) and no way to alter it. This is much too long for my application and I know it can be set as

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Which Picasa Plugin for WordPress is the best?

Which Picasa Plugin for WordPress is the best? I know there are a lot of plugins out there for Flicker, but I prefer Picasa. I have  many hours invested in Picasa with uploads, sorting, organizing, renaming, and date correction. Therefore, I need to get a working plugins for Picasa. I have tried almost all of the ones listed at WordPress, and here is what works

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