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Marketing Isn’t Everything – The One-Word Secret to Success

Zara Altair’s Midweek Zap invited Jason Wiser, our On Track Tips host and owner of Wiser Sites, to talk about marketing strategy. With Zara’s audience involved to the hilt, the show was plenty of fun and absolutely LITTERED with pithy Wiserisms. Here’s a fire hose perspective on how the discussion progressed: How important is it to have a marketing strategy? The bottom line is this: Your marketing strategy

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3 things I learned about Marketing from the Renaissance Festival

I am fascinated by real world marketing in action, and I’m especially keen to tactics that worked on me personally, because I’m a shrewd consumer. (Some might say cheap.) So here you go. These are my observations from our excursion to the Middle Ages. 1) Give a discount that’s small enough to instigate the transaction, but not so big you compromise your worth I was

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Not Just Email Marketing Tips, This is Strategy! – Stephan Hovnanian

Some marketers call it the most powerful asset in your business toolbox. Others will tell you it’s dead and that no one ever reads their emails anymore. So what is the reality of Email marketing in today’s business world? And is it right fit for your business?

The ONLY way you will know is…

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Meet the Master of Video Marketing – Ronnie Bincer

You’ve created your business strategy, defined your product or service, identified your target audience, and produced some content. What comes next?


For many start-ups, marketing is both confusing and intimidating. And if it is not done right, it’s simply not effective.

So what are your options for effective marketing? Well, limitless, really. There’s…

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